News from Lil' Amsterdam

In November, everything happens at Lil 'Amsterdam. From workshops to lectures, from events to bubbles. But above all: new studios & shops. From November you will find: Bas Kosters, Atelier Charlie, World of Opportunities, Tomorrow, Defense and Greenpeace at the station.

Bas Kosters, fashion designer and artist, opens Lil 'Bas Kosters studio. The studio will act as a gallery, workplace, mini museum and shop in the coming months. Art, gadgets, clothes and inspiration: everyone can now go home with a piece of Bas Kosters Studio

Another fashion studio is Atelier Charlie. Here you will find instant classics for the free man; Essential garments in beautiful materials with surprising details and color use.

Sleepy after all that admire and fit? Then go to Van Morgen. They bring high quality bedding at your fingertips. They believe that every day offers a new opportunity to get everything out of life.

World of Oppportunities believes that too. This new brand offers luxury lifestyle products, co-developed by professionals from various countries with a special story.

Special stories also include Greenpeace: they are in the first week of November in Lil 'Amsterdam to sell 'NIKS' ('nothing' in english). There are so many people who want nothing for their birthday that Greenpeace decided to hook up with a campaign. For a donation to Greenpeace you buy NIKS.

Meet Defense! With the first temporary brandstore at Amsterdam Central, Defense gives you a unique experience in this challenging world. Find out which military is in you. Put your fastest time in the special escape room with your team. And pass your first short military screening.

All studios and shops organize special activities, so as to make the public truly in touch with the best that Amsterdam has to offer. Discover Lil 'Amsterdam in the Amstelpassage and experience the rich, versatile, creative, inspiring liberal and sweet culture that Amsterdam is unique to.

More information or program?


November 2 Heineken Afterwork 5:00 pm - 0:00. Drill, dance and enjoy the special atmosphere in Lil 'Amsterdam. (Fully booked)

November 8: Naif Babies & Babes 2:30 pm -4:30 pm. High Tea in collaboration with W.Green and Morgan & Mees.

November 12: Let it Grow - Trust 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Make ice cream and cocktails with flower lilies with lavender

November 25: Let it Grow - Hope 2:00 - 5:00. Textile paints with Elin Wanderlust -> with local products, paint in yellow and orange, upcycling with natural materials.