I amsterdam Store now open in the IJhall

The I Amsterdam store is the first stop for all Amsterdammers who daily pass through the station and want to get to know their own city better. And also for travelers and visitors who want to know everything of te city they visit. The store offers both exceptional and iconic products of Amsterdam, known and unknown tips about activities, culture and 'sights-must-visit' in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

In addition, the I Amsterdam Store has a wide range of original gifts and quality products from Amsterdam icons such as KLM, Ajax, Zaanse Mustard, Kesbeke, Tony's Chocolonely, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The store's staff knows all the hotspots and hidden gems inside and outside Amsterdam. The latest ins and outs can be discovered at the reading table, digitally via iPads or through the magazines.

The I Amsterdam Store is a special concept in the world of city marketing. Never before had chosen a city marketing organization a combined concept of iconic and local produce (digital) information, aimed at residents, visitors and businesses. It is a brand store where the motto 'I Amsterdam' comes to life in various ways.
The store of almost 300m2 is centrally located in the middle of the IJ Hall, the head of the Centretunnel and the IJ passage, near the escalator to the bus platform, future subway entrances and in front of the ferry piers.